N.J.Window Cleaning - Terms & Conditions
N.J.Window Cleaning - Traditional & Ladderless Window Cleaning
Terms & Conditions:
The Company means N.J. Window Cleaning, 
The Customer/Client means person stated Residential or commercial / Contract Company. 
The Operator means the window cleaner.

The company will always try to be fair to customers /clients, we have set these terms and conditions below to protect the company as a business,and we ask you to respect them whilst using services provided by the Operator.

The Company:

  • Agrees to clean the Windows at the customer’s property on a regular basis of approximately 1,2,4,6 or 8 weekly or twice this.
  • All window cleaning services are weather permitting, as we do clean in light rain where possible to continue a regular service to all clients. In addition we do not clean in heavy rain and strong winds, as this would be unsafe for the operator.
  • The operator will take all reasonable care to clean the windows without inconvenience to the customer/client.
  • All operators are trained to work safely, please do not ask them to do anything unsafe. 
  • Company cannot be held responsible for cancelled or delayed cleaning due to unforeseen circumstances, vehicle breakdowns, severe weather or other causes beyond our control.
  • The operator will not be responsible for the removal of paint, concrete mortar or other none general everyday airborne dirt from the windows or frames.
  • Physical and /or verbal abuse will not be tolerated against any of our operators or customers for any reason. If this happens window cleaning will be stopped with immediate effect, monies for the clean will still be owed. All operators have the right to do their job without the above: we will always report abuse of any kind to the police.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your services for non-payment.
  • We Accept the Following Methods for Payment/s: Cash, Card or Electronic Devices for Contactless, Bacs & GoCardless.

The Customer/Client:

  • Accepts our verbal / written quotation for the cleaning of their windows.
  • Verbal is like a signed contract as you would of signed for.
  • It is your responsibility to make payments on time and within 14 days maximum.
  • Invoices must be paid, within the 14 days of Date shown.
  • Late payment charge of £10.00 per week and £75.00 administration charges will be added to the invoice/s after 14 days have elapsed.
  • Failure to pay invoice/s within the stated times above and that continue to be unpaid for more than the stated days will have cleaning suspended. If we then fail to receive monies owed to us within 14 days, we have the right to contact a collection agency to recover the debt, you will be liable for all related charges, collection agency fees and court related fees.
  • If you wish to cancelled your window cleaning with this company we require that you do this within 14 days of your last clean in writing by either letter or email.
  • Will automatically renew their 12 month contract each year with the company unless One Month notice in Writing or Email is provided.
  • Will notify the company if they are moving from the property.
  • If you are going to be away or you change on what you want cleaning, when we next clean please inform us 24 hours beforehand by way of means: verbal, email, letter or text message or telephone. 
  • If you do Not Inform us when we next clean your windows you will be charged for that clean.
  • Payment by Cash, GoCardless, Card or Electronic Devices for Contactless on the day.  

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